Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's not what you know, it's who you know

Mercer's rant on Harper's double standard based on his positions on Flaherty sneaking out of the budget announcement without answering question to fly out on taxpayer dollars for a photo op at Tim Hortons, announcing an "austerity" budget while quietly increaseing the Privy Council budget by $13,000,000 (that's $250,000 per week, something I did not know) and Guergis.

So that rant comes before some more recent double standards:
- Jaffer's wrist slap for cocaine possession and DUI, 25 months after he introduced a mandatory minimum sentence bill

- an austerity budget but then voting in favour of taxpayers paying for partisan propaganda with the 10%ers and other savings which would save up to $20 million a year and then saying, even though the motion passed, they will ignore it

- promises in his election campaigns to make MPs and Parliament stronger while he contemptuously ignores and defies (1) a Parliamentary subpoena to produce detainee documents, (2) a Parliamentary motion to cancel 10%ers, and (3) a Parliamentary motion requiring approval of Parliament before prorogation

{Video by MercerReport}

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