Friday, January 28, 2011

Stephen Harper: "We need to raise taxes"

Stephen Harper: "We need to raise taxes."

Quite the little tax cutter we have in Stephen Harper. Let's see the record:
  • raised income taxes in his first month in office

  • taxed income trusts in his first year despite his explicit promise not to, causing seniors and investors to lose millions and millions, including life savings

  • added a job killing payroll tax increase

  • added an air tax that Harper had promised to eliminate because it was "crippling the industry"

  • Harper Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, the one who said a GST cut was a pretty dumb idea, said he "would never presume to say never to a tax increase".

  • Stephen Harper: "We need to raise taxes."

  • All this from a guy who said he would never increase taxes. Is there anything Harper says that you can trust or believe?

    {Video by JJedras}

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    Thursday, January 27, 2011

    Liberals respond to latest Harper attack ads

    ... in the most appropriate of ways: channeling Jonathan Swift.

    {Video by Laurence}

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    Monday, January 24, 2011

    How Harper Manipulates the News

    A slightly long but good selection of examples of some of the lengths Stephen Harper has gone in shielding himself and his government from media scrutiny:

    So much for accountability. This from the party that relies far more heavily on taxpayer dollars and gets a share of political subsidies far in excess of its democratic support.

    This video is from Emily Dee, the woman behind "The Army of Us" campaign and "Pushed to the Left and Loving It" blog. As the video notes at the end:

    "We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home."
    Is this really your Canada?
    Are you tired of living under a news blackout?
    Join the Army of Us's
    The We's
    The 2/3 of Canadians who did not vote for this government
    And are sharing the stories the media is not allowed to share
    It won't cost you a dime
    Just your voice and your vote
    Are you in?

    And Harper's PMO media army that is replacing public media access to our government, does not come cheap. Not only has the PMO budget increased by over 30% over the last two years while he talks about the need for spending restraint and tells the rest of us to save, not only does he spend a record $140 million on advertising during a recession as the deficit exploded (with nearly 100 million taxpayer dollars just on the self-promoting "Economic Action Plan" ads), not only does the PMO spend nearly $1 million alone on merely distributing its press releases, but Harper is he spending millions of taxpayer dollars just to monitor the media.

    {Video by EmilyDee1}

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