Friday, July 10, 2009

"Wafergate" video back up despite censorship attempt

Apparently, the Conservatives CBC got youtube to censor the "wafergate" scandalette video due to "copyright" concerns. Right. Anyway, here is the full stream video. It actually includes more footage of the Prime Minister.

Note that this is not the first time the Conservatives someone has forced youtube to censor a clip that was critical of the Conservatives.

I still don't know what Harper did with the host, but it is clear that, in the first 10 seconds after he reached out to receive it inappropriately, he did not eat the host.

If he did toss it into his pocket, that is a pretty big sacrilege and worthy of the media feeding frenzy - including international attention - it is getting. Still, none of the Canadian media coverage seems to me to be "going after" the Prime Minister, but merely reporting the claim and giving the PMO a chance to reply. Indeed, most media columnists and several Liberal MPs - Dominic LeBlanc himself, and Pearson to name two - have said drop the story. None give the Prime Minister as stern a rebuke as ultra conservative, so it is hard to describe this as an anti-Conservative media bias thing.

Still, if all he did was to inappropriately receive and consume the host as a non-Catholic, wouldn't the easy thing be to simply say "ooops, my bad, not my religion, sorry - won't happen again"? Then we all move on. But that would be admitting that the Prime Minister is fallible, not perfect, so we won't be seeing anything like that.

What we do see, is a lot of Harper defenders quick to blame the priest and the media. That is the typical pattern for this PMO. It is always someone else's fault. And we see it again today with an outright and total screw-up by the Prime Minister, with Harper going on an anti-Ignatieff tirade in his concluding G-8 remarks based on something Ignatieff did not say. Will we see an apology from Mr. Harper? No, a staffer is already being blamed/taking the blame.

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