Wednesday, June 9, 2010

G20 Boondoggle Ballads - Now With Video!

The G20 boondoggle has had at least some good results: it has certainly sparked some creative work out here in the blogosphere.

I dug into my inner Barenaked Lady and penned a quick take on this called "If I Had A Billion Dollars". But Mike Watkins' "The Wreck of the Conservative Party", inspired by Susan Delacourt's twitter call for Edmund Fitzgerald spin-offs, is brilliant and must be read.

But now JimBobbySez has taken it a step further by putting together an audio/video recording of "The Ballad of Fake Lake", also inspired by Gordon Lightfoot's classic ballad.

{Video by jimbobbysez}

As the saying goes, you are in big trouble when they stop screaming at you and start laughing at you.

Please send LVD your political and news videos and clips.

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