Thursday, April 21, 2011

Canadian Women's Favourite Pick-up Line

Clever. And funny. Watch the video and find out what is the favourite pick-up line of Canadian women and why it's being re-posted on a political blog.

And they came out with it before this went public.

{Video by ShitHarperDid}

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"Hello, I'm a Liberal... and I'm a Conservative"

Truth in humour.

{Video by ParkaPal}

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stephen Harper 2004 to Stephen Harper 2011

Stephen Harper, 2011: Minority or not, I will not work with or compromise with the opposition parties.

Stephen Harper, 2004:

It's the government's obligation to look really to the third parties to get the support to govern. [...]

The first obligation in this Parliament, if the government wants to govern, it has to come to Parliament and it has to show that it can get the support of the majority of members, through the Throne Speech, through legislation, and through budget and supply, and the government to this point has made no effort to do that, but that's its first obligation. [...]

Our [i.e. Her Majesty's Official Opposition]primary responsibility is not to prop up the government, our responsibility is to provide an opposition and an alternative government for Parliament and for Canadians. What the government has to do, if it wants to govern for any length of time, is it must appeal primarily to the third parties in the House of Commons to get them to support it.

Updated, newer ad on Harper's comments on healthcare

I think they may have preferred sticking with the original.

{Video by LiberalVideo}

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Gaffe Alert: "Businesses first. Families and pensioners second."

Oh really?

"Let's be clear. We can only bring tax relief where we can afford it. It's for business first. For families and pensioners second."
I'm pretty sure that this is a good example of why Harper muzzles his candidates and requires them to run bubble campaigns and to keep away from ordinary Canadians and the media.

Or put another way, as the saying goes, "a gaffe is when a politician speaks the truth" and a Conservative gaffe is when a Conservative speaks the truth about their real priorities and concerns.

{Video by Burn25x}

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Monday, April 18, 2011

What's at stake - The Hard Hitting Liberal Ad

The ad that has the Conservatives freaking out, whining all over the place, showing they can dish it but can't take it.

{Video by liberalvideo}

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's time to stop the Stephen Harper Gravy Train

Where's Rob Ford when you need him.{Video by liberalvideo}

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another quick response video from Enoughharper, this one in response to yesterday's leak of the incredibly damaging Auditor General's report which validates everything the Liberals have been saying about the Conservatives and their spending, accountability, partisan use of taxpayer dollars, contempt of Parliament.

The only surprising thing was that the Auditor General went even further in her rebuke than the Liberals have by suggesting possible illegal activity.

the government {Video by enoughharper}

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Breaking up with Stephen Harper

Millions of Canadian women are doing it. And so should you!

Mildly funny and certainly clever. Make your own "break up with Stephen Harper" video and send it in.

{Video by itsoversteve }

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Friday, April 8, 2011

What's at Stake: Young Jason Kenney - Anti-Abortion Activist Opposed to Free Speech

From the archives, here's a CNN story on free speech and abortion in which a young Jason "Anti-Abortion Activist" Kenney argues strongly against free speech and even allowing women to speak about abortion at his university.

The court disagreed with him.

{Video by chevreu}

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"Tory Times are Tough Times"

Let us reminisce, shall we, on some of the great contributions of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to our democracy and to accountable, responsible government.

{Video by cmjhogan}

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Imagine Harper"

The Conservatives violated copyright laws in posting Harper's singing of Imagine by John Lennon and so it has been yanked from youtube.

This video is inspired by that, by the prospects of a Harper majority and "imagining" what that would mean to Canada and Canadians.

The irony of course is that Harper loves the Beatles and hates Trudeau while Lennon loved Trudeau and would without a doubt hate Harper.

I love the use of Harper's falsetto, interjected into the video.


{Video by popcanvideo}

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stop the Facebook Creeping, Mr. Harper - With Video

I like this Liberal war room. Quick, sharp, setting the agenda, even having the confidence to use humour. They are smacking the Conservatives around like hockey pucks.

This is a great rapid response to a very serious issue of the Conservatives spying "Facebook creeping" on ordinary Canadians, banning students and veterans who have properly registered (registering to see the PM? WTF is that?) and are not causing a disturbance (yet another banned Canadian - the 6th? - came forward today). More on that here, but here is the latest video from LiberalVideo:

{Video by LiberalVideo}

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"This campaign trail sure is bumpy."

"This campaign trail sure is bumpy."

So far this week:

- banning a veterans advocate from hearing Harper speak

- spying on and kicking out students because of their Facebook page (I'm sure it had nothing to do with their Middle Eastern sounding names)

- spying on and kicking out a student because of his bumper sticker

- kicking out students because they attended a non-partisan pro-student pro-vote rally (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the Middle Eastern sounding name of one of them)

- knowing what bumper sticker you have on your car and what's on your Facebook page, and then claiming you didn't know you had a criminal fraudster as one of your closest advisors

- only allowing 4 questions to the national media

- not allowing any questions to ordinary Canadians

- Liberal signs being "targeted" and vandalized

- actively trying to block a government report on G20 police actions

- actively trying to block a government report on detainee torture allegations

- berating a local volunteer, a veteran no less, for even mentioning where Harper was going to be that day

Yup, it's a bumpy campaign trail alright.

And this is all in the last two or so days.

WTF is going on here? This is connecting to Canadians? This is how you apply for a job? This is Harper's version of open, accountable and transparent government? This is Harper's democracy.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 5 Gaffe Alert!

A small Harper gaffe about a Harper gaffe but symbolic for how the campaign has gone so far for the Conservatives.

Little problems being compounded on other little problems. That's been the story of their campaign. They whole tenure as government, in fact.

{Video by HarperMiscue}

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No Questions so PM Can Play Ping Pong?

Not taking questions on local matters? Not supporting your own local candidate's "promise" of federal funding? Reprimanding veterans who volunteer their time on your own campaign? Cutting off questions so you can go for a photo op playing ping pong? Is that a way to conduct a job interview or to connect to Canadians?

This is a small local story but very telling. The over-the-top control and national "bubble" campaign is quickly becoming a side story the Conservatives would rather not have, especially in the first week of the campaign when Ignatieff is quickly closing the gap.

Here's the video. The transcript and details follow below. The really interesting bit comes at about the 3:00 mark.

The story was about a local Conservative candidate advocating on local issues and promising to bring federal funding for an overpass to ease traffic congestion. He's made that promise for the last three elections.

So the feisty local reporter, Shachi Kurl of AiChannel News, asked Harper about this local/national issue and whether the Prime Minister supported his own candidate's promise. Harper totally dodged the question naturally.

And that's when the reporting starts to get interesting.

Shachi Kurl (reporting): We would have liked to ask the Prime Minister a little, OK, a lot more about these issues, but local reporters were told by the national campaign 'Sorry, only time for one local question.' Harper had to go. He was off to a photo op... playing ping pong. [...]

Hudson Mack: Shachi Kurl joins us now with more. Shachi, there's been criticism of the Conservatives in the past for running a so-called "bubble" campaign, very tightly controlled. Describe your experience with the Prime Minister today.

SK: Well, Hudson, the event that we showed you just now was in Saanich, but myself and other local based media were told to report to a hotel in Sydney at 8 am. We then sat around for an hour. We weren't told how many events were planned. We weren't told where we were going. Only that we had to go by bus. And when we were finally able to pry a little bit of information out of a local volunteer, a retired veteran no less, I watched as a young staffer reprimanded this man for just a snippet of how the morning went. I'll leave our viewers to draw their own conclusions, Hudson.

The Harper campaign has made it very clear that they think a reporter is biased if they don't kowtow to their talking points. They've made a big deal about "going beyond" the mainstream media "directly to the local media". And this is how they do it? It ain't workin' folks.

{Video by ANewsVanIsland}

h/t RedTory

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"You people"?

Specifically targetting certain (not all) ethnic groups has its risks. But I suppose the idea is that they have commonalities with your social conservative agenda, right?

So is referring to them as "you people" enhancing that sense of commonality or making them feel more alienated and not one of "us"? If Harper isn't sure, he can always ask Ross Perot or the NAACP. Or Robert Downey Jr.:

Since this came from Harper himself, RevMod is giving this the maximum "prominence" gaffe score.

A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.

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"You deserve a lot better"

"You deserve a lot better for the government you pay for."

I like the tag line. Doesn't work on a poster or bumper sticker but it sums up the themes nicely.

{Video by LiberalVideo}

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Reintroducing... Liberal Video Depot

"Do you remember that video by GritGirl about job losses?"
"Didn't Jeff Jedras post a video about all of Harper's tax increases?"
"Anyone have a link to that video comparing Harper to Nixon?"

If you've ever tried to find a video or ad or Rick Mercer rant, you probably know the frustration of trying to plough through dozens of links and videos and archives and blogs trying to find just the right one. We're here to help.

With The Stephen Harper GoververnmentTM being found in contempt - the first time ever in the British Commonwealth - and losing the confidence of the House, we thought it was a good time to re-introduce this site and what is about.

This site has been set up as a depot for all of the great videos being put together by liberals and progressives.

No longer do you have to go google hunting for some video you missed or remember from long ago. From now on, you should be able to find it here. Over the past couple of years, we've collected all of the most notable Liberal ads, independent ads and videos, and a big dose of Rick Mercer.

Feel free to browse around and to send us suggestions of videos we're missing. While this is a Canadian political site, we welcome videos from US politics and anywhere else if they are good, interesting or something we can all learn from. We will also be posting some of the better and more interesting political advertisements out there.

Come back lots, because we intend to update this site regularly. And feel more than free to send us links to new videos or ads, or even old videos from campaigns past.

Happy campaigning to one and all!

EnoughHarper - "They'll Go Negative"

From a week or so ago, this clever video again using Stephen Harper's own words from 2006 to hang himself in 2011. And it is so deadly accurate.

But let's be a bit more up-to-date and detailed. Here is the Conservative ad updated:

When you've been in power for twelve five long years.

When your party has and 4 of your most senior party members including 2 senators have been named in a judicial criminal investigation into corruption and election fraud and three separate RCMP investigations are underway.

When scandals continue to engulf your government.

What message could you possibly take to the people of Canada.

"PM plans negative campaign"

On January 23rd As quickly as damn possible, let's do something positive.

{Video by EnoughHarper}

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