Monday, June 22, 2009

Best GritGirl Video

As voted by the readers over the last couple of weeks, here is the favourite GritGirl video: "Jim Flaherty on the Recession", where Jim is caught out in a deliberate, bold-faced, outright, black-and-white lie about the economy and the recession.

The runner-up was "Harper's Conservatives: Shoot Canada Geese and Feed Them to the Poor?", in which GritGirl highlights one of the more unique and, um, caring stimulus proposals by the Conservatives.

For all of the other great GritGirl amateur political ads that have shaken the professional multi-gazillionaire Conservative political war machine so deeply they had to launch a multi-million dollar non-election ad blitz just to counter her, go here.

The GritGirl ads are great. I think the even greater thing about those ads is that they show us that anyone with a computer and a video editing program and a little creativity can scare the Conservative Party. Their position is that fragile and youtube ads are that easy to make.

Thank you to all of those who voted. Thanks as well to all of you who have been sending me links to their favourite progressive and liberal ads, videos and pictures, including their own creations. Please keep them coming.

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