Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ignatieff - Michael Ignatieff announces EI working group

Video of Michael Ignatieff announcing the EI working group he forced Harper to accept:

The video accompanied the following letter directly from Ignatieff:


On Monday I insisted that it is time to replace confrontation with cooperation in the House of Commons. Following a series of meetings with Mr. Harper over the last two days, I’m pleased to announce that our hard work and commitment to progress has started to pay off. The government has made a number of concessions – most notably, an agreement to form an Employment Insurance working group that will work throughout the summer months to fix flaws and find a way to build regional fairness into our EI system, and to offer access to self-employed Canadians.

Mr. Harper has also agreed to a strict accountability timetable for the fall. The government will bring Parliament back early and deliver an additional accountability report to Canadians the week of September 28th. This report will be followed by a guaranteed Opposition Day – and further Opposition Days throughout the fall – allowing our Liberal caucus to hold the government accountable and bring forward a confidence motion, if that becomes necessary and is in the best interests of Canadians.

By achieving this outcome, the Liberal Party has demonstrated its commitment to putting the needs of Canadians ahead of politics by helping to make Parliament work. We have delivered progress and accountability while avoiding a summer election at a time when Canadians are more worried about the growing health care crisis and supporting their families through this recession.

I’ll continue to keep you up to date throughout the summer, and hope you will stay in touch as well.

Thank you,


  1. Is it just me or does it seem a bit creepy that this guy just sort of popped onto the scene out of nowhere,where did he come from?? What is he doing here and better yet WHO SENT HIM.? He has had nothing to do with Canada for 34 years,then all of a sudden he pops in and decides that he can run this country .The Americans are wanting to create a North American union who better than to send an Americanized former Canadian. I cant help but see him as a threat to our sovereignty and security.Something just doesn't seem right about the whole thing.I dont trust him,he even looks creepy.Isnt he Russian as well and the Russians want the arctic,arent the Americans after the oil in the artic as well.Something is really fishy.

  2. Nope. It is just you.

    He spent very little time in the US and he's been back here longer than he was there.

    And as for "nothing to do with Canada"? While our current PM was out bashing Canada every way he could, Ignatieff won a Governor General's award (that's exclusively for Canadians by the way), shortlisted for a Booker Prize for a novel about Canada, produced a Canadian movie for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, delivered the Massey Lectures, represented Canada at the United Nations, was regularly invited onto programs to speak as an expert on Canada and Canadian issues, regularly wrote about Canada and Canadian issues (and with high praise unlike our current PM), etc. etc. etc.

    Give it up.