Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stop the Facebook Creeping, Mr. Harper - With Video

I like this Liberal war room. Quick, sharp, setting the agenda, even having the confidence to use humour. They are smacking the Conservatives around like hockey pucks.

This is a great rapid response to a very serious issue of the Conservatives spying "Facebook creeping" on ordinary Canadians, banning students and veterans who have properly registered (registering to see the PM? WTF is that?) and are not causing a disturbance (yet another banned Canadian - the 6th? - came forward today). More on that here, but here is the latest video from LiberalVideo:

{Video by LiberalVideo}

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  1. Hilariously awesome, if it wasn't highlighting a truly creepy element of the government and its so-called leader.

  2. We need a 30 second TV ad that shows the true F35 cost estimates from various credible sources and ties it directly to the contempt ruling.
    ie We need to explain why this ruling was important and not just a political manoeuvre. Something like this perhaps:
    Original F35 cost as per Harper
    Initial questions re costs (Iggy?)
    Harper lame response
    PBO estimates
    Harpers response
    Growing Parliamentary frustration over lack of info on F35s
    Harper response
    US expert says we will pay double
    Harper response
    Historical contempt finding over F35 cost stonewalling
    A graphic showing the Harper estmate vs the various real costs estimates, then
    “When Harper gets caught hiding the real costs from Canadians what does he say?” “We don’t pay attention to political manoeuvres “
    On May 2 make Harper pay attention to you, Vote Liberal