Friday, January 28, 2011

Stephen Harper: "We need to raise taxes"

Stephen Harper: "We need to raise taxes."

Quite the little tax cutter we have in Stephen Harper. Let's see the record:
  • raised income taxes in his first month in office

  • taxed income trusts in his first year despite his explicit promise not to, causing seniors and investors to lose millions and millions, including life savings

  • added a job killing payroll tax increase

  • added an air tax that Harper had promised to eliminate because it was "crippling the industry"

  • Harper Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, the one who said a GST cut was a pretty dumb idea, said he "would never presume to say never to a tax increase".

  • Stephen Harper: "We need to raise taxes."

  • All this from a guy who said he would never increase taxes. Is there anything Harper says that you can trust or believe?

    {Video by JJedras}

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    1. Came across this new spoof of the notoriously misleading Tory attack ad. It's pretty damn funny. Do with as you will.