Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stephen Harper... < insert "NOT" here >...

According to the Conservative Party, doctoring a government document by inserting the word "NOT" after it has been signed so that it means the opposite of what was intended and recommended is entirely "routine".


Some might wonder about the forgery offences in the Criminal Code of Canada, but not this "law and order" party. Once again, folks, Conservative principles don't apply to Conservatives. Or apparently, maybe, Bev Oda's ministerial powers to manipulate words allows her to insert the word "NOT" into criminal laws as well?

But taking inspiration from Ms Oda's odious act, as well as the KAIROS is "NOT" going away t-shirts and this creation, where else can we go?

NOT - Standing Up For Canada

NOT - Honest

NOT - Accountable

NOT - A Leader

NOT - Fiscally Responsible

Let me know if you want the code for those labels and I'll send it to you.


  1. I love these!

    I wonder if Stephen Harper is going to be funding Canada's new technological creation: the iNot.