Friday, February 19, 2010

Conservatives politicizing Olympics to raise cash

Conservatives: our principles do not apply to us, part #2519.

Using the troops as political props? Old Hat.

Using our athletes as political props to raise partisan money? At least it is new hypocrisy.

They really do have no class. Or any sense of their own hypocrisy.

I wonder, though, if there aren't one or two trade-mark violations involved here since they use "Vancouver 2010 Olympics" to raise money. I know the IOC and VANOC would have their lawyers all over me if I used their trade-mark in an advertisement. This could get interesting.

I think there are a handful of people trying to play politics with the Olympics... it doesn’t speak well to a country that is trying to put itself on the national stage.”
James Moore, Conservative MP and Cabinet Minister in charge of the Olympics

Well look, we have gone out of our way to make the Olympics as non-partisan as possible.
James Moore, Conservative MP

Shame on the member for playing games with the Olympics.”
James Moore, Conservative MP

Again, this is not political. This is what I am stressing.”
Gary Lunn, Conservative MP

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  1. Mars Bar pitch queen Nancy Greene's reference to "our strong leader" echoes words used during the 1936 Berlin games

    I note that her party's logo trumps the maple leaf.