Monday, February 8, 2010

Harper: Fiscal Conservative or Debt Creator?

The "base" is getting restless.
The Canadian Taxpayers' Federation has served as a farm team of sorts for the Conservatives through the years. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney once headed the organization, as did the Prime Minister's current head of communications, John Williamson.

But the federation has been distinctly unhappy with Harper's spending record of late and it has another kind of farm imagery on its mind. Here is its newly released video, which is billed as "light-hearted," even though I find it a bit scary (I think it's the glowing red eyes.)
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  1. Good ad.
    Who ever forms the next government, CUT TAXES, CUT SPENDING.
    Will Liberals listen? (National Child Care, Increase GST.)
    Will the Conservatives listen?...maybe,...if they get a majority.

    Our Choice.

  2. Don't know why you would assume the Conservatives would be better. All evidence points to their being worse.

    The last time the Liberals were in government, they cut spending and cut taxes.

    By contrast, the Conservative government under Harper broke spendign records and then broke his own spending record even before the recession, turned a fiscal surplus into a structure deficit even before the recession, increased taxes despite promising not to (income taxes, payroll taxes on business, income trusts, carbon taxes, etc.).

  3. So, you are opposed to any hike in taxes, and any new spending such as "national child care".

  4. This is just a mash up of a California Republication candidates creepy ad.

  5. See it for yourself.