Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mercer: Soldiers as props is a new low in Canadian politics

"A new low in Canadian politics... to drag them [our soldiers] out and use them as a political prop? That's going too far."

Mercer tears a new one on Stephen Harper and the Conservatives for using our soldiers as political props, hauling them all over the place for photo ops but then cutting them loose when it comes to buying the equipment they need:

{Video by MercerReport}
"Perfect timing this past week when every headline was dominated by the humanitarian crisis in Haiti that the government let it be known - very quietly - that the purchase of armoured vehicles is now on "permanent hold". Or waht a civilian would call "cancelled". Turns out, it [the announcement of the purchase of armoured vehicles with dozens of soldiers] was just a photo op. Perhaps, a new low in Canadian politics."

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