Monday, January 11, 2010

Get Back to Work (Video from

There is something much bigger than a Facebook Group taking shape in Canada. The reaction from Canadians everywhere to Harper's arrogant attempt to shut down Parlaiment and avoid accountability started the moment he decided to undermine our democracy and go on his Harper Holiday. A lot of it is just plain old venting of anger toward Stephen Harper, but I've been quite surprised and impressed by how much of it relates to something bigger, recognizing that something has gone seriously amiss in the way we are governed over the last many years. It certainly didn't start with Stephen Harper, but our democracy and governance has been seriously threatened by an arrogant leader who will do anything and say anything to keep power and a weakened opposition which sometimes doesn't know which end is up.

So we now have an online grassroots Facebook uprising (last count 150,500+ and rising by the hundreds every few minutes) which is nothing on its own, but there are dozens of rallies planned for January 23, the first serious meetings for which occurred over the weekend. These are not being organized by any political party. Then there are a number of websites that have sprung up, including and Citizens for Democracy. Not to be left behind by the masses, the Liberals have now started up a prorogation information page and an ad campaign.

And, of course, video which is where Liberal Video Depot comes in. This one is a bit long and a bit over the top at times but it has a strong powerful message.

{Video by 23January2010}

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