Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ottawa Raging Grannies Against Prorogation

Slippery sloppery our man Steve
Gives new meaning to that word sleaze
Ducks and runs when the truth comes near
Climate? detainees? – scared to hear.
Slippery sloppery our man Steve
Tars our country with that word sleaze.

Jiggery pokery that man Steve
Undercuts democracy with practiced ease.
Slinks away from embarrasing facts
Dodging transparency. Quite an act.
Jiggery pokery that man Steve
Side-steps legality with practiced ease.

Slippery trickery sleazy Steve
An artful dodger. Who’d believe
That righteous Stephen would change so quick
From paragon of virtue to a brazen trick
Slippery trickery sleazy Steve
Killing Parliament, who'd believe???

When the Grannies are getting in a rage, you know something bigger is up.

Lyrics to all three songs are here.

{Video by raginggrannies}

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  1. They are very good..I could ad a few more wor, if they like !!