Tuesday, January 19, 2010

UPDATED - No Prorogue: A message from Christopher White

The video does not seem to be working on this site. You can see it in full here.

A very level-headed young guy.

Actually asks supporters to stop bashing Harper and stay focused on the democratic reform message.

And a nice bit of levity right at the very end.

He also wrote the following:
Now we, the vocal majority, find ourselves to be the new power brokers in Ottawa. With rallies planned across Canada on January 23rd, all eyes will be on us. We are not, as the traditional thinking goes, an apathetic people. We care deeply about our country, but for too long the increasing cracks in our political system have made it seem beyond repair, leaving people feeling frustrated and disempowered. Finally, we have an issue that unites us, one that we can wrap our heads around while keeping an eye on the eventual end game. This prorogation is far more than a matter of parliamentary procedure, it is emblematic of an institution that has turned its back on its people. We can stand outside and rage against the machine for as long as we like, or we can work together and take it apart, brick by brick and rebuild it anew. The upcoming rallies are not the culmination of our efforts, they are the beginning. Let’s start with prorogation and use our inevitable success to push for greater reforms, ones that ensure that our government is accountable, transparent, and responsive to the demands of the electorate. As in, you know, do what it’s there for.

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  1. Terrific post! Too bad the video is not available, but I should enjoyed and agreed with Christophers comments. Good on him!

  2. The video does not seem to be working on this site. You can see it in full here.