Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barney Frank Responds to Conservative Anti-Healthcare Nut

The vile crap that is being spewed by the anti-Obama/anti-healthcare crowd is getting viler with each day. Comparing the desire to ensure every American has adequate healthcare to Nazism and Obama to Hitler, calling health advisory boards that assist the elderly with living wills (a policy virtually identical to one introduced by Bush, by the way) as "death panels", actively trying to prevent debate at townhalls, brandishing banned military-type automatic and semi-automatic guns at anti-Obama rallies... shows how despicable and out of touch these protesters are. Even if you oppose helping Americans get healthcare - and there are lots of genuine reasons to oppose this particular plan - any decent person would have to agree these people are despicable and destructive and quite definitely dangerous.

When does Godwin's law kick in for these yahoos?

Sometimes, you just have to cut through the BS that all opinions are of equal value. Watch Barney Frank calmly and appropriately respond to one of these angry nutbars:

You almost see why our Prime Minister has made such a great effort not to defend Canadian healthcare or to duck questions about our healthcare, or even saying anything positive about it and claim he's "not qualified" to get involved in the healthcare debate... just to avoid getting anywhere near this "debate".

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  1. They're no more despicable than all those left-wingers spewing their hatred of Bush, calling for him to be killed, comparing him to Hitler & pushing all sorts of despicable comments about 9/11, Iraq, Katrina, the oil industry, Israel & so on.

    You & your crowd don't like it?? Too bad. We on the right had to put up w/ this shit for 8 years, you're goona have to do the same now.

  2. I can't think of a more childish response to this post that yours McGuire.

    Not sure which way is best to respond:

    1. I could point out that trying to introduce legislation to provide healthcare for Americans is not in anyway comparable to a Bush regime that routinely breached the Constitution, eavesdropped on American citizens, promoted and used and even advocated for torture, illegally jails American citizens and immigrants for indefinite periods of time without ever bringing formal charges or permitting them access to a lawyer, sends American soldiers off to die in an illegal war, illegally outs covert CIA operators for political gain, outright lie about weapons of mass destruction to promote war, etc.


    2. I could agree with your first part - which I actually do - that there were lots of leftwingers who went totally bonkers and were destructive (though not dangerous like these right-wing nutbars carrying automatic weapons to rallies). I truly believe Cindy Sheehan was a nutbar and did damage both to her own cause and to America. So a sane person would conclude that we need to stop the insanity and hatred, but your hatred for those leftwing nutbars equally damages your own cause and damages America. Your scorched earth approach - if they are going to harm American then I will too - is moronic and childless and brainless.


    3. I could paraphrase Barney Frank in this instance and ask you "what planet are you from"?

    Which approach to a response to your comment would you prefer?

  3. Obama was also actually voted into office and not appointed by rightwingers on the Supreme Court, ably assisted by illegal anti-democratic support from his brother's administration in the Florida vote.

    Also, your "shit for 8 years" is a lie McGuire. Even the lefty nutbars did not organize anti-Bush rallies or called him Hitler or threatened to kill him or beat up Republican leaders in Congress... until after he lied about weapons of mass destruction and Iraq's connection to 9/11 and started his illegal war in Iraq. The lefty's gave Bush a pretty clear free pass until mid-2003.

    But I wouldn't expect a wingnut to feel any need to stick to truth. Truth has a liberal bias afterall.