Monday, August 10, 2009

Harper Blamed Canada? (by AProudCanadian1)

Surprise surprise, Harper passes the buck and won't take responsibility for the clampdown on Mexican tourists and the visa requirements. Used to be that he just blamed staffers though. Now he's gone big, real big, and blamed the problem on... Canada:

Come to think of it, he's blamed and attacked and slagged Canada on the international stage before, hasn't he.

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  1. At the news conference President Obama went even further. He blamed his own (US) immigration policies on the Mexican border problem and said, more than once, OUR (US) immigration system is a mess; is broken, etc. etc.
    So, Harper and Obama - two peas in a pod blaming their own immigration policies for the problems they have with the Mexicans coming over illegally or trying bogus refugee claims instead of going through the proper immigration channels.
    Obama must have taken his lead from Harper who blamed our policies and then just parroted what Harper said.

  2. Obama has not been in that long and it will be nrarly 4 years for Harper and he has had time to fix it.

  3. That's interesting Morgan. I did not realize that Obama had suddenly, out of the blue, chose to try to kill off Mexican tourism to the US with a surprise announcement of requiring visas for all visiting Mexicans in the middle of a recession. I suppose it is true that you learn something new every day.

  4. I think Mexicans already require Visas to enter Mexico - they have for years. And I think Canadians need visas to got to a long list of countries and vice versa but I can't find the list. Anybody know where that would be listed.

  5. I meant Mexicans already need visas to enter the US. Sorry bout that.

  6. Then you've lost me Morgan.

    You said Obama blamed his immigration policy and was copying Harper in doing so.

    But Harper was blaming his recession enhancing, tourism slowing visa decision on Canada, passing the buck and not taking responsibility as usual.

    So what did you mean?