Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nothing says "I'm a Man" like using soldiers for props

Ok, folks, from the top again, into positions, let's get it right this time, can we get the submarine to move over about 5 metres, pretend you are talking, start looking up, alriiiight... "Mission Accomplished", Take IV ...

It's a cool campaign photo election propaganda photo that they set up for, I have to admit. But I thought about calling this post "The Million Dollar Shot" but that wouldn't be accurate as $1 million wouldn't even cover the cost of the Prime Minister's security detail for this giant-ego-sized photo opportunity for his election campaign ads. Especially when you can't get right the first time. Or the second time. Or even the third time.
Mission accomplished

Alison Crawford reflects on the exquisite precision of a Stephen Harper photo op :

The Coast Guard’s Pierre Radisson ship and the submarine HMCS Cornerbrook lined up one one side of the frigate HMCS Toronto. On the deck of Toronto, was a gaggle of reporters, cameras at the ready.

Then, Defence Minister Peter MacKay sauntered onto the deck with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. They stopped to make idle chit chat until urged by handlers to move forward a few metres in order to have them perfectly positioned with the other two vessels in the background.

But wait! There’s more! Three CF-18 jets flew past in formation. But the fly-by was a little to fast for some camera operators and photographers to catch the entire montage of sub, jets and coast guard, so the CF-18s passed over four more times.

Which reminded me of this gem from Jim Flaherty, November 27, 2008: "We cannot ask Canadians to tighten their belts in tougher times without looking in the mirror."

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