Friday, August 14, 2009

NDP Convention 2009: Banned delegate Dana Larsen speaks out!

A video of former NDP candidate, Dana Larsen, who was banned from attending the NDP convention in Halifax.

Maybe "New" is not the part of the party name they should be changing.

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  1. Just to let you know, Ted Betts: I'm not going to defend Ignatieff anymore. I think the Party has disgraced itself by refusing to give the rank-and-file any kind positive talking points or even something to respond to Ignatieff's many, many shameful pronouncements on American power and his embarrassment about Canada's role in the World.

    This is the end of it for me.

  2. I think "disgraced" is a bit strong - and certainly not what most Liberals appear to be feeling since membership and donor numbers are soaring - but I hear you on the talking points.

    On current issues at any rate.

    All the old stuff has been dealt with so many times - the clearly false claim that he supports torture for example - that maybe the feeling is that we give it new life by spending time and energy on focusing on that past and better to focus on going forward. Sort of like Harper effectively knee-capping any use of his prior quotations in the last two elections just by ignoring them, even quotations directly on point to current policies and platforms.

    I'd totally agree with that argument too, if we had something to focus on. THAT is the problem right now: not much to rally the troops on, focus organizing efforts and talking points around.

    The other problem is something Red Tory alluded to the other day with his George Lakoff post. Conservatives "get" the modern politics much better: they are generally much better at framing language and opponents, putting emotional talking points together.

    More importantly, conservative followers are much better and quicker at regurgitating their top-down written lines. The ordinary everyday conservatives "get" modern politics and messaging way better than ordinary rank-and-file liberals and progressives.

    Anyway, back to your own statement, of anyone commenting out there, I'm not aware of you ever being one to just take and regurgitate someone else's talking points anyway - which is a compliment, not a criticism - or what talking points would change your mind about thinks he's said in the past that you find so embarrassing, so I'm not entirely sure what you are pronouncing is going to change from now on in your commenting.

    Still, if there was actually some small opening to convince people like Ti-Guy to come on board Ship Ignatieff, and that opening is closing, then that is never a good thing.