Friday, August 21, 2009

Ignatieff on Afghanistan

Thank you to Bob Speller for uploading all of these great clips from the summer BBQ tour with grassroots Liberals that the media and the Conservatives would like to believe has not been happening.

Please send LVD your political and news videos and clips and, subject to our completely subjective standards of taste, quality and liability exposure (hey, its our blog afterall), we will publish it. So send 'em all along, folks, in the comments or by email to tedbetts (at)


  1. Maybe Mike can tell us of a genuine Canadian peacekeeping mission where we didn't go in armed? Rwanda was a UN mission headed by a Canadian general but it was hardly a Canadian peacekeeping mission. Think Cyprus, think Bosnia. Peacekeepers, however, are not peace makers, a very important distinction apparently lost on Mr. Ignatieff.

  2. hmmm. I would have thought you had a problem with what happened in Rwanda and what the Taliban are doing to Afghanis, women and children in particular. I guess not. Surprising from a so-called "progressive".

    Personally, I think we should do whatever we can to prevent genocide and creating real and genuine peace, not just a bandaid, most especially in the places where it is most difficult. I guess maybe some don't think that is a "progressive" point of view any more.

    Bandaids work and have their purpose. But sometimes you need to stitch the wounds so the cuts can heal.

  3. "We don't go in unless the UN asks us."

    Where was this principle in 2003, when Ignatieff was calling for the illegal invasion of Iraq?