Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Canadians seeking EI at 11 year high under Harper's Conservatives (Daviolis)

The number of Canadians seeking EI benefits is the highest its been in 11 years. That's a six percent increase from last month. Since the Harper Conservatives were re-elected, the number of Canadian families depending on EI has shot up by more than 300,000. That's an increase of more than 63 per cent.

They want you to believe that everything is A-OK, just like they wanted you to believe that Canadians weren't worried about their jobs, that there was never going to be a recession, that there was never going to be a deficit, that the recession and their deficit (once they had to admit they put us into a deficit before the recession began) was going to be small and manageable, that the deficit (once their first and second and third predictions were way off) was unpredictable and not their fault.

I think we all know better.

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