Thursday, September 3, 2009

*Breaking* New Conservative attacks ads coming this weekend

Clearly spooked by the prospect of losing the support of the Liberals, the Conservatives are about to launch an ad campaign all about the positive reasons Canadians should support the Conservatives. Er. No. Of course not.

I have been informed from a reliable source that this weekend the Tories will be launching another negative attack ad campaign against Michael Ignatieff, this time taking quotes from some BBC broadcast a couple of decades ago. They know their time is up and they are clearly desperately lashing out.

Will these ads be about Tory accomplishments? No.

Will these ads be about the economy? No.

Will these ads offer anything to Canadians? No.

Will these ads attack Ignatieff personally? Yes.

Will these ads quote Ignatieff horribly out of context? Yes.

Will these ads show how petty, small, out of ideas, clinging to power the Tories are, thereby proving Ignatieff's point? Very definitely.

Is there time up ladies and gentlemen? Oh, yes.

Will we crush them? Yes, absolutely yes.

Stay tuned here for more. I will be posting something juicy shortly.


  1. Hopefully what you'll be posting is that the Liberals will be running ads as well.

    Pro-Iggy and DIRECTLY AIMED at Harper.

  2. I think it will provide a terrific contrast to have competing ads, one positive, offering a vision, the other the same old from the Cons. Since one of our chief points is that the Cons have nothing but negativity and hyper partisanship, the timing might be wonderful.

  3. Um weren't all the Dion ads positive ?