Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ignatieff on becoming world leaders again

Michael Ignatieff is bringing out more and more policy positions, laying the groundwork for a platform that will come during an election.

At a speech yesterday, we see the strong internationalism and liberalism and proud patriotism of a Canadian Liberal, aspiring to be leaders instead of concentrating on expensive photo opportunities, unapologetically lauding Canadian internationalism and Canadians servicing abroad rather than belittling Canadians abroad or cutting veteran funding at home.

There will be an election in 2009. Relying on the support of the NDP and the Bloc despite assurances to the contrary, Harper may avoided one in October. But there will be an election and it will be about choices.

Here, Ignatieff lays out the choice we will have on Canadian internationalism.

{Video by Liberal Video}

As Ignatieff said yesterday, we once were world leaders, embracing internationalism, helping the poor and starving, sending our soldiers where they needed to be to protect the world's most vulnerable, the world's leading diplomats. We still have much of the talent out there in the world. We still have many of the leading diplomats and bravest soldiers. But we cannot be world leaders without government support and leadership at home. It's time for leadership at home so we can re-find our leadership abroad.

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