Thursday, September 17, 2009

"We Are Family" - NDP keeps Tories alive (Video)

"If you oppose Mr. Harper and want to replace him, I urge you to join with the New Democrats Liberals."

"I think we would be the least most likely of the parties to support the Conservatives."

{Video by JJedras}

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  1. Since the Tories are going to be propped up by the NDP and the Bloc, they have offered to speed up passage of it. I didn't read anywhere that they are supporting Harper the way Layton and Duceppe are.

    So what the hell are you talking about?

  2. The Liberal Party of Canada is the most wishy-washy, two faced group of political opportunists in the nation. Your asses must get pretty sore trying stradle BOTH sides of the fence on every political issue.

    Iggy's announcement that he will support Harper's EI reform, after damning the New Democrats for doing the same, proves it.

  3. All we know this week is that the one and only reason Jack! Layton opposed Harper and voted against the Harper government is that he knew his actions would not have consequences, wouldn't affect anything, wouldn't cause an election.

    Now we know his true colours. Now that it does matter, and voting against Harper might cause an election, might actually get rid of Harper, what does he do? He scurries as fast as he can to protect the guy he made Prime Minister.

    Bwack, bwack, bwack, bwaaacck.

  4. Puleeeeeze! Once again we are treated to Liberal arrogance ... believing their own hype that they are the 'natural governing party.

    Won any federal elections lately?

    (Nor are you likely to in the foreseeable future)

  5. Won any federal election... ever?

    You are right about not winning in the foreseeable future. To win we have to have an election and with Jack! blindly flip flopping and propping up Harper, there won't be an election any time soon.

    Thanks Jack!

  6. Which blind support was that? Was that the last confidence vote or the one before Old School Liberal? Wait is it this one? Then one the Liberals are supporting. For the life going back 3 years I can't find this confidence vote you keep talking about. I can't find this Jack blindly flip flopping. Hey point me too it.

  7. Layton announced this week that he will vote for Harper on Friday's ways and means motion, and that he will vote against any confidence motion until the EI "reform" bill is introduced and passed into law. That blind support, that blind flip flop.