Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harper, Hidden Agenda and The Vast Leftwing Conspiracy

Pass the tinfoil.

Conservatives are funny creatures. Yes they are.

On the one hand, they tell you until they are even blue-er in the face, 'there is no hidden agenda'. And then they turn around and tell themselves until they are even blue-er in the face, 'just wait until we get a majority, then you'll see some real hardcore conservative policies'.

And sometimes, we are fortunate enough to catch it on video.

They'll also tell you that taking snippets of tape, cutting it out of context to attack someone's character is completely legitimate when it means helping themselves keep power. Then they'll tell you it is sneaky and unfair to show full length video of Harper telling his supporters that they need to teach the opposition and the lefty judges a lesson. But, of course, consistency of principle has never been a character trait of conservatives.

Please send LVD your political and news videos and clips.

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