Monday, September 21, 2009

Stephen Harper vs Women (Video)

What happens when a political "leader" cancels 10 provincial deals to provide univeral daycare for working parents, gives parents a measily $50 a month (after tax) when raising a child costs about $43 a day, cancels the court challenges program that has sought equality for women who escape violence at abuse shelters and who are underpaid or who are harassed, attacked pay equity, demoted his "star" women cabinet ministers and insulted any woman who has the audicity to speak out for equality?

You get a spontaneous nation-wide grassroots campaign like "PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF THAT 'LEF-TWING FRINGE GROUP' CALLED WOMEN", supported by the Liberal Party and you get great videos like this one:

Equality is a Canadian value, not an ideological option, Mr. Harper. And elections are about choices.
{Video by The SuperGrit}

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