Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The League of Hypocrites: Harper, Layton, Duceppe (GritGirl)

Things are starting to heat up with a lot of Canadians getting increasingly tired of Stephen Harper and his games and his hypocrisy.

The latest instalment from GritGirl goes after "The League of Hypocrites", the coalition of the absurd among Harper, Layton and Duceppe.

{Video by GritGirl}

Is calling them "hypocrites" harsh? Well consider the facts:

- Harper has screached so many times that he could not support a government that relied upon the support of the "socialists and separatists", that to do so created an unacceptable instability in the Canadian federation and was anti-democratic and wrong. Not only has he tucked his principle between his legs on another issue just to keep his grip on power, but this is not the first time. We know he had serious discussions and even, in his words, an "agreement" with the Bloc and the NDP to support Harper taking over government without an election. He was planning on relying on the support of the "socialists and separatists" then, and he's relying on the support of the "socialists and separatists" now.

- Layton was quite apoplectic in January 2009 when the Liberals decided, in the middle of a recession, it was better to get some assistance out to Canadians in need rather than have an election since the Conservatives had done sweet F**k all up until they were forced to act by Ignatieff. He said over and over and over again in January and through to the end of the spring session that he could not trust Harper, he had no confidence in Harper, the Liberals were wrong to support Harper, it was far better to change the government immediately without hesitation. Well, we all know now that that was just bluster and smoke and the little emperor had no clothes.

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  1. I don't think it is harsh to call them hypocrites but it is ironic. This is the typical Ottawa game. One party, in this case the Liberals, votes with the government for years constantly while saying all the while Harper is terrible and defending itself against charges of hypocrisy. Another party, in this case the NDP, votes against the Harper government for years and plays a nauseating "holier than thou" game every day. Now the rolls suddenly reverse and the Liberals have forgotten that they propped up the Harper Government for years and all the Liberal bloggers drag out their own charges of hypocrisy and do it all with a holier than thou attitude as though they had never voted to support the Harper government. And on it goes, no one learns anything and more voters get alienated etc etc. All the NDP has done is confirm that the Tories, Liberals, and NDP are all hypocrites. The Bloc is the only party that doesn't play the game they just vote for whatever they want to and vote against the rest.

  2. While senior Iggy-Libs are telling Dion that he CAN'T run in the next election, Libbloggers continue to grind their assigned speaking points out to try and attack the Bloc and the New Democrats. After a full week, this has now become quite lame.

    So .... tell me ... why is Stephane Dion being TOLD that he can't run? You support that, I assume??? ....

  3. Is it true that Mr. Dion is being told he can't run? If it is true, I will be sending off a letter ASAP to the liberal Party and telling them that they are wrong. I like Mr. Dion and canadians need him in Parliment.

  4. No. This is a bunch of BS.

    They are going through riding by riding and, naturally, asking him what his plans are because if he is planning on not running they need to have a replacement lined up. But there is no pushing.

    From the CBC:

    "Two of those MPs are publicly downplaying the suggestion. Patry said he did speak to Coderre about his future candidacy, but when asked by CBC News if he felt pressured to resign, he said, “Not really.” ”He asked me if I thought I would run again and I told him yes,” Patry said.

    In an interview, Folco said she had heard rumours that she was going to be asked to resign, so she made an appointment to meet with the leader. ”I said, ‘I want to stay’ and he said, ‘It’s true, I want renewal, but you will stay in the party and be the candidate for Laval-Les Îles.’”