Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where's Jack! Layton? (Video)

The man who can't find a camera he doesn't love, can't be found.

THEN, when they assumed the Liberals would support the Reformatories:
"The NDP would be the least likely of the political parties to support the Conservatives in office" Jack Layton Aug 25

"It's like that cough medicine - you know, it tastes bad, but sometime you've gotta take it." Jack Layton Aug 21 on looming election speculation
NOW, that the Liberal security blanket is removed:
"We are ready to manage an arrangement (with the Conservatives). It is possible" NDP MP Joe Comartin Sept 2

“The Prime Minister needs to decide if he wants to call an election or call Mr. Layton,” NDP Director of Communications Brad Lavigne Sept 1

"NDP MP Thomas Mulcair agreed with the prime minister, saying "we'd better have a bloody good reason for forcing a fourth general election in five years." Sept 1

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