Thursday, September 24, 2009

EXPLOSIVE - Conservative Candidate Admits Government is using stimulus for political purposes

Gordon Landon, (likely now former) Conservative Candidate for Markham Ontario, tells City TV:

You're dealing with a Conservative bureaucracy and with Conservative ministers and, unfortunately or fortunately however you want to look at it, they just do not want to proceed with this [stimulus spending in his Markham riding] until such time as the riding becomes a Conservative riding.

And also this:

Landon: There's a lot of things we're not getting here as a riding. [...] They won't give it to this riding because it's held by a Liberal.

Host: The money can't flow because it's not a Tory riding.

Landon: That's right.

An astonishing admission from a member and candidate of the Conservative Party of gross political misconduct with stimulus spending, admitting that projects are being denied if the riding does not elect or did not elect a Conservative Member of Parliament.

{Video by jimranch85}

"What Mr Landon is suggesting indicates a massive scandal. Doling out infrastructure money for political purposes could be considered criminal." I agree.

But that is not the first we've heard of the Conservatives using taxpayer money to buy their way into the next election, now is it? Not to mention issuing government cheques with their party slogans and personal signatures.

When the Conservatives aren't completely bungling the spending, getting only about 12% of stimulus money out the door to help working Canadians, they are funnelling whatever funds they can to Tory ridings. The reality is that they are on more of an announcement rampage than a funding rampage, almost all in Tory ridings. This is appalling, anti-democratic behaviour from a government that is supposed to be acting for all of us.

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  1. If it is only going to Tory ridings and a lot of it is not going anywhere..what is that 50 billion deficit for?

  2. I wonder why anyone is surprised by this. Chretien did it and so will the Conservatives.

    A politician is a politician...

  3. Really? When did Chretien spend $60 billion dollars on stimulus? That was designed for stimulus and job creation? That Harper demanded not be vetted through normal accountability processes that he himself put in place?

    Seems to me, actually, Chretien CUT spending, unlike Harper who breaks spending records.

    So there is no question no one in Canadian history has forked over THIS MUCH pork to his own party's ridings.

    But Chretien did not even do it in this proportion - about 80% is going to Tory ridings - even on a smaller dollar scale.

    As far as I am aware this is entirely unprecedented and the silence of the media is unbelievable.

  4. I just have to ask this Ted. Do you get dizzy when you type?